Evelyn's Bakery, LLC

New England's Finest Cakery

Here at Evelyn's Bakery we offer a variety of cake flavors and fillings.
Below is a list of our flavors to help you choose how you would like your cake...

Our 9 Most Popular Cake Flavors
Vanilla          Chocolate            Marble
Pineapple           Coconut               Almond
Cookies & Cream     Red Velvet       Strawberry

Other Cake Flavors:                           Fillings:
     Raspberry                                          Raspberry
Raspberry Marble                              Strawberry
       Lemon                                              Lemon curd
 Butter                                                  Guava
Peanut Butter                               Cream Cheese
      Strawberry Marble                        Chocolate ganache
        Pineapple                                      Crushed cookies
  Coconut                                          Coconut        
*All cakes are filled with vanilla or chocolate buttercream at no extra cost.  There is an additional fee for the flavors listed above.