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 Here you will get a little bit of information on the services that we offer. The price of your cake will vary with the size (# of servings) and the complexity of the design (how intricate the details are). Your ingredient costs are minimal; time and design variations are the most costly factors in determining the final price of your cake. Our serving minimum is 45.

*Note that we require you place the order at least 3 weeks in advance due to the high demand of our amazing cakes. Your order is not secure unless a 50% deposit has been made.

Occasion Cakes

Prices for tiered (stacked) are offered per serving (minimum of 45 servings) with a basic design. Prices will change when requesting any type of filling other then buttercream and the addition of sculpted toppers of any kind such as, figures, flowers, monograms, etc. 

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake prices are offered per serving with an order minimum of 52 servings. Prices will increase with the addition of sugar flowers, sculpted toppers, monograms, etc. There is an additional charge for fillings other then vanilla or chocolate buttercream. 

Cupcake Towers

These towers are great for weddings, birthday, baby showers and more. Priced per design of cake and cupcakes. Cake sizes come in 6" round or 8" round. There is a cupcake minimum requirement of no less then 3 dozen cupcakes. (*note we DO NOT provide the towers)


Each order is unique so prices will vary. Please call or email for prices.

Smash Cakes

We offer 1 FREE 5" smash cake for all first birthdays with a simple buttercream design to match the cake. You can order any additional 5" smash cake for an additional fee. If you would like a smash cake for a photo shoot we offer a 6'' smash cake for photo shoots.