Evelyn's Bakery, LLC

New England's Finest Cakery

Terms & Conditions

As your Cake Decorator, we agree to deliver your cake in a timely and mutually agreed upon manner. Contingent but not limited to the following terms & conditions:

  1. A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of 50% is required to consider this an order and contract for the described services. The remaining balance will be due 1 week prior to the date of the event. Any changes to this order must be made at least one week prior to event. If the above-mentioned order is cancelled you will LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT, you will also be responsible for all expenses that have already been incurred.
  2. If your order is for a Sunday, the order MUST be picked up on Saturday no later then 30mins prior to closing (see business hours). Any order that is picked up after closing time will have a $20 late fee applied for the first 15 mins and $2 per each additional min.
  3. Please note if there is an issue with your order you must inform us upon pick up of your order or no later then 48 hours after pick up or delivery. We cannot accommodate any issues after 48hrs.
  4. Cake ingredients and/or machinery may come in contact with nuts, milk, and wheat products so please let us know if there are any nut allergies we should be aware of.
  5. If the cake is being delivered someone must be available at the place of the delivery at the mentioned time. If for any reason no one is at the location for delivery there will be an additional $20 fee imposed for any wait time and or having to return at a later time with the cake. Please note that delivery will insure that your cake will arrive on time and intact.
  6. In the case of an unavoidable situation, such as a car accident or poor road conditions during delivery the Cake Decorator cannot be held liable for more than the cost of the above ordered cake.
  7. The Cake Customer shall provide clear driving directions to the desired delivery location and inform the Cake Decorator of any adverse road hazards and or obstacles that may damage the finished cake.
  8. If you do not choose to have your cake delivered you will be responsible for ensuring that you have the proper equipment (ie: vehicle, extra help, etc.) to help carry the cake out of the shop and transport it. Once the cake is out of our establishment WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damages made to the cake.
  9. The Cake Customer will inform the Cake Decorator of any issues with the cake before leaving the establishment with the cake. Once out of our establishment you cannot make any complaints.
  10. The Cake Customer agrees that there will be no order changes to the cake request prior to one week before the date of the event.
  11. We reserve the right to refuse any order for any reason.